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LOL 11 months ago
I love how all the men in these comments are saying he’s eating pussy wrong, whereas all the girls are leaving comments for men to take notes.

Guys, just do as we say. If you lick and eat us like this, we will suck the soul out of you through your dick in gratitude.
bee 1 year ago
ayo i came at the same time as her imagining that was me. Dudes, take mf notes
1 year ago
I watch this video every night almost religiously to see how to make a woman happy.
cynthia 1 year ago
Me next please
1 year ago
Perfect pussy eating. Take notes guys.
10 months ago
This man is a brilliant lover. He absolutely nails the art of gently licking on that clit. Men ... do this for your lady. Just like that. You will be her God in bed.
1 year ago
He is such a tender Lover
11 months ago
The thumbs down are clearly all men who can't be arsed taking the time to pleasure a woman like that.
1 year ago
I came within minutes
12 months ago
Lick my pussy like that and let me kiss all that