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maya 5 years ago
Actually, Claire , he offeed to lick thecum off my legs,.. and he did.
Claire byrne 5 years ago
I hope he handwashed her stockings afterwards for her, after cumming on it.
Collette Fitzpatrick 2 years ago
I got my husband to let me wank him over my stockings, had to work my hand well on his cock, he didn't cum then,, so I massage his balls, and said "Niall, please cum for me?, and then wanked him again , then he finally shot a huge load on my leg, grabbing my shoulder to steady himself as I squeezed some more drops of cum onto my leg.
1 year ago
Releasing on pantyhose is so good!
How come 6 years ago
Small ass dick have so much cum
1 year ago
Feta cheese...
Henry 9 months ago
Yup. Her curvy legs in black hose, make my swollen cock spurt, a huge load, too. Tanx for relieving my tight nuts, Maya!